26 Oct 2014

Pronunciation - native speakers struggle, too! - part 2

Following one of my previous posts entitled Pronunciation - natives speakers struggle, too, I've decided to continue looking for the "reassuring" errors that native speakers of English make pronouncing words. I am not sure if this post will be as edutaining as the previous one, but I hope it will let you realise that you are not left all by yourself in the world of pronunciation. Native speakers struggle, too, so there's no need to be afraid of making your own mistakes.

Have a look. Or better still, just listen. :)

'Penguins' or 'pengwings'? by the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch on The Graham Norton Show (watch from 03:18)

Cancer vs. can, sir - Why pauses matter by George Clooney in 'Up in the Air'

Denzel Washington, Peter Capaldi and Gemma Arterton on The Graham Norton Show (watch from 10:00) discuss a peculiar pronunciation joke (quoted below):
Q: Do you know why Edward Woodward has so many Ds in his name? 
A: Because otherwise he'd be called "Ewar Woowar"

79 common mispronunciations - by Mental Floss

Do you know how to pronounce *.gif ?

Some native speakers of English also struggle when they attempt Polish.
Let's UnEnglish their Polish :)

And speaking of American English... Why do rappers put on fake accents?

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