2 Feb 2016

Pronunciation - articulation

Vocal exercises
Vocal exercises - This is a voice

The articulatory setting
(the underlying way in which we hold all different articulators that runs throughout speech and influences all the sounds we make)

Christopher Aruffo (TEDxMcMasterU) on how our articulators (lips, tongue, throat, teeth) are set in a particular way to produce accents

Articulation of speech sounds

Interactive Sagittal Section

The Creepy Mouth by SVG-Whiz: side-view (sagittal view)
source: SVG-Whiz

BBC Pronunciation tips with video-recordings of individual sounds
International Phonetic Alphabet with video-recordings of sounds
IPA Charts - brilliant charts with sound recordings for IPA
The IPA Chart by eNunciate, Department of Linguistics, The University of British Columbia
(ith Ultrasound Overlay Videos)
Seeing Speech
These charts are a phonetics teaching resource containing ultrasound tongue imaging (UTI) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) videos of International Phonetic Association (IPA) speech sounds produced by two trained phoneticians; Janet Beck and John Esling. Clicking on the symbols on each chart will open up a video popup showing the movements of the tongue during speech production.
David Brett's page --> The articulation of speech sounds --> Match phonemes with pictures

Organs of speech
Speech - The Visual Dictionary
Organs of articulation
By topic: Phonetics (lessons with moving diagrams)
Voice emission exercises: Training voice emission
LipSynching - position of speech articulators

If you would like to find out more about the airstream mechanisms related to pronunciation of the sounds, I'm posting a few useful links below.

Airstream mechanisms - introduction

Ingressive sounds
(when the airstream is pushed out of your mouth or through your nose)
Robert Eklund’s Ingressive Phonation & Speech Page
Fonetyczny odkurzacz z Północy - on ingressive sounds in Sweden :)
Pulmonic ingressive

Egressive speech sounds
(most sounds of Indo-European languages)
Check out my previous posts: Pronunciation - IPA

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