7 Apr 2017

IATEFL & pronunciation

Below a few links to the talks from the IATEFL conferences related to pronunciation learning and/or teaching:

IATEFL 2017 in Glasgow:

Where angels fear to tread: intonation in English language teaching (first time ever plenary session on pronunciation!)
by Prof. Jane Setter
and the interview:

Making pronunciation an integral part of your classroom practice
by Nicola Meldrum and Mark McKinnon

How to give feedback on learners' pronunciation
by Laura Patsko

PronSIG PCE (3 April 2017, Glasgow)
PronSIG PCE highlights

Pronunciation and politics by Kyle Dugan from Dynamite ELT

More inspirational non-pron talks from IATEFL 2017 here:

IATEFL 2016 in Birmingham:

Who would of thought of it? The English language 1966-2016 (Plenary)
by David Crystal
(bits on pron include even the Daleks' speech)

IATEFL PronSIG & British Council seminars 2015

Proprioception in learning new sounds, words & connected speech
by Adrian Underhill

What to teach before you teach sounds
by Piers Messum

The Silent Way approach to teaching pronunciation
by Roslyn Young

Doing things with sounds
by Mark Hancock

Identifying priorities for teaching pronunciation and listening in the ELF classroom
by Katy Simpson and Laura Patsko


Integrating pronunciation
by Laura Patsko

IATEFL 2013 in Liverpool 

Implementing a connected speech-based approach to pronunciation teaching
by Sascha Euler

Other videos:

Pronunciation Matters - re-thinking goals, priorities and models

IATEFL PronSIG members:

Get excited about teaching pronunciation
by Louise Guyett

Do let me know if there are any other IATEFL-related pronunciation talks to watch online, please. :)

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  1. Pronunciation is a common trouble among those who starts learn English. Very informative videos. Thank you for sharing.


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